Student Conduct

  • Ridgeline Middle School STORM Covenant
    All students are responsible for following the RMS STORM Covenant. The covenant establishes the guidelines for appropriate school behavior and serves as the basic framework for student conduct.

    SUCCESSFUL—Students will be encouraged to follow the rules of the school and take pride in their school work and their actions.
    TRUSTWORTHY—Students will be encouraged to be responsible for their actions and attitudes. Students will be accountable for their own actions at all times.
    ORGANIZED—Students will be encouraged to use materials and resources to accomplish personal goals in the classroom. Students and staff will share academic progress with parents using the student planner, telephone, progress reports, electronic and face-to-face communication.
    RESPECTFUL—Students will be encouraged to respect themselves, others, and the learning environment. Positive student behaviors will be supported while any behavior that disrespects will be carefully confronted.
    MOTIVATED—Students, staff and parents will be encouraged to celebrate academic achievement. Students will be encouraged to accomplish their goals. A positive culture motivates everyone to do their best to improve themselves, others, and the school.

    It shall be the responsibility of each student to pursue his/her course of study, and comply with the rules of Ridgeline Middle School. The rules, regulations and due process procedures of Ridgeline Middle School are designed to protect all members of the educational community.

    Pursuant to chapter 180-40 of the Washington Administrative Code, the following rules governing the conduct of all students enrolled at RMS, including special programs, have been adopted. All students who attend RMS shall comply with these rules and regulations as well as the Yelm Community Schools District “Policy Defining Student Rights and Student Disciplinary Sanctions” (copies are available in the district office), and shall submit to the reasonable directions of school employees. Refusal to comply with such directions of school authorities shall constitute cause for discipline, suspension, or expulsion. Such rules apply both on and off school grounds: 

    1. a)  Before, during, or after school hours.
    2. b) At any other time when the school is being used by a school group.
    3. c) At a school activity, function or event, including while students are participating in or representing the school in school sponsored events.
    4. d) When the prohibited behavior is consequence of, or directly related to, causes or events, which occurred or originated on school grounds.
    5. e) When the student is en route between home and school, including bus stops.

    Students are expected to comply with all classroom behavior expectations set forth by their teachers and guest teachers (substitutes).

    All Students begin the school year as an Honor Level All-Star. Upon receiving, his/her first discipline referral, the student loses Honor Level All Star status for the rest of the year and the best honor level ranking they can achieve is Honor Level One. Students who progress to Honor Level Two or Three status always have the opportunity to work their way back to Honor Level One by observing all school rules and receiving no discipline referrals for at least 10 days.

    • Bus discipline slips result in the loss of five points.
    • Discipline referrals result in the loss of at least five points.
    • Any suspensions, including ISS, will result in the loss of at least eleven points.
    • Weapons/alcohol/tobacco/drugs/paraphernalia will result in the loss of 91 points.
    • Any discipline referral will result in the loss of Honor Level points.
    • STORMY Bucks are distributed by the staff to acknowledge and encourage positive behavior by students when students demonstrate elements of the STORM Covenant and the 8 essential character traits.

    Honor Level Status 


    No Referrals All Year

    • Student does not receive a discipline referral at any time throughout the year.
    • Student is eligible for all activities and special events.


    Currently zero Honor Level Points

    • Student has not received any discipline referral slips in the last two weeks (10 consecutive days).
    • Student is eligible for most school activities and special events.


    Currently 1 – 9 Honor Level Points

    • Student has received no more than two (2) discipline referral slips, including bus discipline slips, totaling a loss of no more than 10 Honor Level System demerits in consecutive days.
    • Student will be denied some activities, including those specifically designated for Honor Level One student


    Currently 10 or more Honor Level Points

    • Student has received either a serious referral or has received two or more discipline referrals slips, including bus discipline slips; totaling more than 10 Honor Level System demerits, in the last two weeks.

    • All Honor Level 3 students are to be off campus by 2:30 pm and can not return to school until the next school day without written permission from administration.

    Honor Level 3 students will be RESTRICTED from school activities, including, but not limited to:  home athletic events, trips and activities, school dances, assemblies, field trips and activity nights.

    Students will be restricted from school activities, trips, and athletic events if they were absent with an unexcused absence or suspended on the day of the event.

    NOTE: Any act on the part of a student that results in disciplinary action not covered in this handbook shall be given a point loss total determined by the administration.

    Any student losing 40 or more demerit points in the Honor Level system or violating drug/alcohol/ tobacco rules is automatically excluded from end of the year activities and trip. Students with chronic misbehavior will lose temporary or permanent privileges.

    A student who willfully performs any act, which interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operations of a school, a school sponsored activity or any other aspect of the educational process within the district shall be subject to discipline, suspension, or expulsion. Such acts shall include, but not be limited to, those listed below:

    Disruptive conduct, dangerous behavior, disobedience of reasonable instructions of school authorities, refusal to identify oneself, truancy or unauthorized absence from class, cheating, immoral conduct, vulgarity or profanity, use of tobacco products, use or possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or narcotics not prescribed by a physician, destruction or defacing of school property, possession of fireworks, extortion or harassment or use of any dangerous weapons or object, and the commission of any criminal act as defined by law. In addition, law enforcement officers will be called whenever it is deemed appropriate by school authorities. Students will be held accountable for actions towards students/staff on or off campus as long as the student is under the direction of the school.