Students’ Rights and Responsibilities


    • To have the opportunity to attend school in a safe setting.
    • To be informed of teachers’ classroom procedures, policies, and expectations.
    • To be informed of individual progress in class.
    • To be informed of district, school, and individual teacher behavior expectations and the consequences for failure to comply.
    • To be treated firmly and fairly in the event that behavior requires intervention and be afforded due process.
    • To not be discriminated against in any way due to race, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
    • To be allowed to express thoughts and feelings as long as others’ rights are not violated in the process and that it is done without disruption to school activities, the educational process, or the routine operation of the school.


    • Attend school daily, be on time, and come prepared with all materials needed to be successful.
    • Demonstrate full effort and complete all assignments honestly.
    • Respect the rights of others to study and learn.
    • Respect public and private property and return materials and equipment in good condition.
    • Follow all behavior expectations of the classroom, school, and district.
    • Keep RMS safe by informing administrators of any potentially dangerous situations.
    • Treat everyone respectfully.
    • Help keep our building and grounds clean.
    • Help ensure that all school communication gets home to parents.