ASB – Student Activities and Activities/Trips

    All school and district rules apply at any school related activity including sporting events. A student who is on Honor Level Three or who has been removed from class for disciplinary action on the day of an activity may lose the privilege to attend, regardless of honor level standing. Misbehavior at these activities will result in school discipline and loss of activity attendance privileges.

    Scheduled throughout the year will be Parent Booster-sponsored Teen Nights. Teen Nights will be on some Fridays, 7:00-9:00 p.m.  Middle School ID Cards are required for admittance. All school policies, including the dress code, will apply. Misbehavior at these activities will result in school discipline and loss of attendance privileges. A student with multiple disciplinary referrals or who is on suspension on the day of a Teen Night may lose the privilege to attend. Students must have attended school that day in order to attend.

    Students who receive multiple disciplinary referrals may not be allowed to attend the grade-level end of year trip.  Students who have missed 10% or more of school days may also lose eligibility. Misconduct involving alcohol, tobacco, drugs/paraphernalia or weapons automatically prohibits students from attending their end of the year trip and may also prohibit eligibility for other extracurricular activities. Administration reserves the right to prohibit students from any non-academic privileges or elective activities if those students demonstrate through their behavior that they may not be successful in representing Ridgeline and themselves well on those trips and/or extracurricular activities.