Classroom Matrix

  •   Positive Attitude Accountability

    Treat All with Respect

     Honor Self, Others and Community

    -Talk quietly
    -Silent study
    -Respect others around you
    -Mind others personal space

    -Use positive language
    -Lift others up
    -Voice at 0 when testing
    -Voice at 1 when working
    -Names are important
    -Voice at 0 when testing
    -Voice at 1 when working
     Help -Stay positive
    -Read the directions
    -3 before me
    - 3 before me
    -Help your neighbor
    -Patiently wait for others
    -Help when asked
    -Ask neighbors for help
    -Listen to others
    Movement -Move calmly
    -Raise hand for permission
    -Sign out when you leave
    -Sign in when you return
    -Get up during appropriate       time

    -Limit bathroom breaks
    -Follow 10/10 rule
    -Sign in and out
    -Use bathroom when   necessary
    -Push in chairs
    -Clean up after yourself
    -Be mindful of others
    -Hold doors for others
    -Respect people's space
    Participation -Be positive in your   communication

    -Contribute positively
    -Listen actively
    -Read directions carefully
    -Listen actively
    -Encourage others
    -Participate in sendoffs and   assemblies

    -Be proud of your school
    Technology -Try new things
    -Keep personal technology in  backpacks

    -Keep your ears open
    -Sign off Chromebooks
    -Put away Chromebooks   when done
    -Put everything away after   you're done -Be aware of other computers
    -Keep hands on your own desk