PATH Behavior Matrix: School-Wide


    YHS Bathrooms
    Locker Rooms
    School Events,
    On or Off Campus
    Common Areas
    Parking Lots
    School Wide
    Positive Attitude  -Be courteous and considerate

    -Respecting boundaries and space

    -Be mindful of your time and others
    -Be mindful of the tone of the event

    -Support speakers and those "on stage"

    -Respect your fellow audience members

    -Assume positive intent
     -Be friendly, considerate and patient with everyone

    -Seek to resolve conflict

    -Be welcoming to community guests and visitors

    -Communicate clearly and positively
     -Be considerate of your teacher's phone policy, even with substitutes

    -Be aware of your surroundings and others when using personal technology

    -Use positive language, especially when using technology
     Accountability  -Respect the 10/10 rule

    -Lock up/respect my/others belongings

    -Use the STOP !T app when needed to protect yourself and others

    -Bathroom/Locker room business only
     -Be timely and punctual

    -Be aware of your actions, intent and impact

    -Be present and attentive, minimize your distractions
    -Be mindful of language and volume

    -Engage in safe practices

    -Remember YHS is a closed campus; take the hall pass with you every time you leave a classroom

    -Use the STOP !T app when needed to protect yourself and others
     -Be mindful of the sites you visit to protect yourself and your digital footprint

    -Use passing/lunch time to communicate with others using technology

    -Remember to always log off your accounts on shared devices; plug in when returning

    -Check student email and Skyward regularly 
    Treat others with respect -Respect others privacy

    -Resist peer pressure/do the right thing

    -Practice good judgement with regard to personal technology
    -Observe personal space

    -Respect property belonging to others, including venue property

    -Treat others how you would like to be treated
    -Be aware of your surroundings and others

    -Walk with purpose

    -Keep our community clean

    -Drive safely
    -Post positively and respect other's online privacy

    -Follow YCS technology guidelines as outlined in the AUP

    -Use the STOP !T app as appropriate

    -Remember to keep fool and drink away from any classroom technology 
     Honor self, others and community -Value school property

    -Remember personal hygiene

    -Leave it better than you found it

    -Report found damage
    -Show pride in YHS and the Yelm community

    -Encourage others

    -Be mindful of language
    -Be a positive influence

    -Resist peer pressure

    -Treat our YHS Campus with respect

    -Practice civility with one another
    -Be mindful of how you treat technology and that it is not yours

    -Follow appropriate technology protocols (set forth by adults) during an emergency