Counseling Department


    The Mission of the Yelm Community Schools (YCS) Counseling Program is to prepare each student to reach their academic, career, and social-emotional potential; ensuring equitable access to education and promoting lifelong learning for all students. The YCS Counseling Department supports every student by building collaborative relationships with parents, family, staff, and community members to create foundations for students to achieve their full learning potential.


    The vision of the Yelm Community Schools comprehensive School Counseling Program is to promote an environment that encourages personal growth, social responsibility and academic excellence to access continuing education and work. As successful lifelong learners, our students will obtain the skills to achieve their fullest potential, preparing them to positively impact our school, community and world.

    COUNSELORS-Our counselors serve students by their last names. 

    Darci Cook-Student Alpha A-De
    Kristopher Nuce-Student Alpha Di-H
    Marcie Hubbard-Student Alpha I-Mo
    Sarah Williams-Student Alpha Mu-Si
    Kelli Revoir-Little-Student Alpha Sk-Z

    All students can schedule an appointment to meet with their school counselor using either of the following options:

      • Visit the Counseling Office Professional, Debra Miles, in the main office or email her. 
      • Email your counselor directly to request a meeting.