To develop life-long learners and responsible members of society.

    At Yelm High School, we believe that learning is paramount. Everything we do is designed to help you develop the skills and habits that will enable you to be successful when you leave high school and continue your post-secondary education toward your chosen career path.

    We are a Hopeful school; we believe that:

    • The future will be better than the present.
    • We have the power to make it so.
    • There are multiple paths to our goals.
    • All of the paths will have obstacles.


    Learning Focused: Lead a culture of high achievement for ALL students.

    • High Quality Staff
    • Strong Professional Development
    • Standards-Aligned Curriculum 

    Student Centered: Inspire all students to achieve a College & Career Ready Diploma

    • Future-Focused Student Learning
    • Personalized Learning
    • High Expectations 

    Community Connected: Foster relationships working side-by-side with students, families & community

    • Public & Family Participation
    • Transparency & Accountability
    • Community Growth 

    Results Oriented: Grow each day as students, teachers, and leaders in our learning organization

    • Student Achievement
    • High Quality Facilities
    • Safe Learning Environment

    Optimum Learning Environment: Yelm Community Schools embraces the diversity within our schools and seeks to create a nurturing and barrier-free learning environment for each student.  To achieve this goal we commit to: 

    • Preparing our students to thrive in a multicultural and diverse society.
    • Ensuring fair, equitable and inclusive principles are integrated into our policies, programs, operations and practices.
    • Creating school and classroom cultures that are free of bias-based language or behaviors.
    • Eliminating barriers that perpetuate negative outcomes.
    • Providing all students the resources, opportunities and supports needed to succeed at high levels.
    • Honoring and building upon the strengths and assets of every student.
    • Welcoming and engaging families and community members as essential partners.