A Parent Resource Guide

  • This guide provides tips for how families can help students with their assigned work. It includes ideas for creating learning routines and tips for managing time with assignments. Some ideas may work well for your family and others may not. As educators we value learning, still our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students and our families. We encourage families to use the materials provided by teachers with students to continue learning at home. We also encourage families to set appropriate limits on the amount of time students spend on school work, even if that means some assignments are not finished. Our focus is learning, not assignments. Learning happens in conversations, it happens in play, and it can be a part of everyday family life. Families are the first teachers children have and the most important. We are proud to partner with you and your family to continue the education of students. We are here to support you.

Support Learning at Home

  •  Routines

    Tips for Creating Learning Routines

    Creating a positive learning routine can help you manage your student(s) at home learning. Students often follow routines, if they are a part of making the routine. Not all routines will work for all families, so try things out and find out what works for you.

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  •  Checklist

    Classroom Assignments & Task

    Sometimes tasks or assignments take longer than planned. Focus on students putting in a good effort rather than on completing every assignment. Families and students are encouraged to work with teachers if students are struggling with class assignments.

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  •  Monitoring Students

    Tips for Monitoring Learning

    Whether you are available during your student's online learning sessions or supporting them in the evening with videos or assignments, here are a few suggestions to monitor their learning.

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  • Ideas for Encouraging Effort

    Ideas for Encouraging Effort

    Help your student engage in their learning by set goals, praise effort and celebrate success.

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