• We expect all children to participate in daily recess. Be sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions; students are only kept inside during severe weather conditions.

    Playground Rules:

    - Students are expected to follow directions of playground supervisors at all times.
    - Play only in designated areas. Stay within boundaries and avoid:
    - Restroom areas, except when needed
    - Behind the little house
    - Between and behind buildings
    - Steps, porches, ramps and railings
    - Areas near and behind doors
    - P.E. class areas
    - Main building activity centers

    Play games that avoid physical contact. Refrain from chasing, tagging, pulling and tugging at clothing, fighting (even “play fighting”), karate and judo.
    Before school, students will walk to sidewalk, put belongings down and then go to the playground to play.
    Equipment from home is discouraged.  Equipment that goes over the fence will be retrieved when time allows.  The school is not responsible for damaged personal equipment.

    - When bell rings, return balls and equipment to equipment rack. 
    - When you need help or have problems, find a playground supervisor or peer helper. They are there to help you.
    - Students are to remain on school grounds at all times.
    - If the ball goes over the fence, tell the playground supervisor.
    - If you have a conflict, use the problem solving strategies (Kelso’s Choices). If that doesn’t work, get help from an adult or Kelso’s      Helper.
    - Use playground equipment in a safe manner.
    - When the bell rings, stop play immediately, put equipment away and proceed to line up with your class.
    - Use school appropriate language at all times.
    - Students are expected to keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times.

    Do not bring personal items from home unless allowed by the teacher. Items not approved will be sent to the office and it will be the student’s responsibility to take them home after school.  The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

    It is our desire to provide a positive playground experience for all Lackamas students.  To this end, recess supervisors are present on the playground to keep kids safe and enforce the rules.  Students are expected to follow their directions at all times.  Students playing in an unsafe manor or in violation of the rules may receive the following consequences:

    -Verbal warning.
    - Removal from game/activity.
    - Assignment to wall.
    - Restriction from game/activity/location for an extended period.
    - Sent to office to speak with Principal.
    - Severe violations can result in suspension.

    Climbing Equipment Rules:

    - One person at a time in climbing area or when crossing ladder bars.
    - No “chicken fighting.”
    - Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
    - No jumping off of any climbing equipment. Please climb down safely.

    Equipment Rules:

    Swings: Students are to sit safely on swings, holding onto the chains.  Students should come to a complete stop before getting off the swings.  If an empty swing isn’t available, students should count 50 swings before taking their turn.  For safety reasons:  1 person per        swing; only swing front to back.

    Slides: Go down one at a time in a sitting position, feet forward.  Make sure the base of the slide is clear before going down. 

    Balls:  We have soccer balls and rubber balls for use on the playground.  Balls are to be kept in the dirt area and away from fences to avoid having them go over the fence.