Physical Education

  • The physical education program at Lackamas Elementary School emphasizes individual improvement.  We strive to improve fitness levels and skill levels in our students.  This is accomplished through a variety of fitness and movement activities, sports, games and dance.

    Along with the physical aspect, the learning of social skills is an inherent part of physical education.  Cooperation, good sportsmanship, treating others with respect, leadership, fair competition and acceptance of other people’s differences are all practiced in P.E. class.  Proper use and care of school equipment is expected.

    Students at Lackamas have PE twice a week.  Please help your child get the most out of the P.E. program by reminding him/her to wear clothes that will not hinder activity on P.E. days.  Recommended dress includes:

    Clothing in which students can run, jump, climb and get dirty.  Proper shoes are essential for the safety of all students.  Please ensure your child wears tennis shoes on P.E. days.  Boots, flip flops, dress shoes, sandals, platform shoes and shoes with high heels are not appropriate for P.E. activities.