Special Programs

  • Art
    Our art specialist teaches general art. Students will attend art class one day per week.

    Instrumental Music- 5th
    Students in 5th grade have the option of participating in band class within the school day. Involvement in band requires time away from general classroom activity four days per week. This is a pull out program; students in band will also attend all other specialists.

    Our music specialist teaches general music. Students will attend music class one day per week.

    Physical Education
    Our P.E. Specialist teaches students in grades K-5. Students will have P.E. twice per week. Please dress appropriately for physical activity on that day.

    Special Services
    Yelm Community Schools offers a number of special services to students. At Lackamas, we offer Learning Center and LAP/Title I support to the general education classroom as well as Speech Therapy, and Occupational, and/or Physical Therapy. If you feel that your child has a possible handicapping condition that affects his/her progress in school, contact the classroom teacher or counselor.