Class Parties/Birthday Invitations

  • Class Parties/Treats for Birthdays

    Several seasonal parties will be held in classrooms during the school year.  Due to safety concerns, we are only able to serve store bought treats.  Homemade treats cannot be served.   With the increase in food allergies present in students, we ask that parents send in appropriate treats for their own children if allergies are present so that a student will not feel left out.  Having a small supply here at school for those students would be helpful for unexpected birthdays or celebrations. 

    Party Invitations

    Students are not allowed to hand out party invitations at school.  This causes hurt feelings for students who do not receive invitations and disrupts the classroom environment.  Bus passes cannot be issued to more than three students attending the same birthday party, based on limited additional seating capacity on all of our buses.  Please contact transportation for more information regarding bus passes for parties.