RMS participates in district-wide conferences in the fall and spring. Online scheduling and notification is completed through Skyward Family Access. Additional assistance is available for families without computer access.  

    Fall Conferences: Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to meet with individual, selected teachers to discuss academic progress in classes. Spring Conferences: Students at RMS present their accomplishments and goals through Student-Led Conferences. Students develop a High School and Beyond Plan, and it is part of what they present at SLC conferences in the spring.

    The counseling offices are located in the main office. Our counselors consult with students, teachers and parents to identify developmental needs and design prevention or intervention activities in order to guide students with academic, social and career development. To see a counselor, students sign up in the office and are seen as soon as possible.

    Report cards are issued four times a year at the end of each term. Mid-term progress reports are issued mid-way through each term. A 3.0 grade point average (GPA) determines honor roll at RMS.

    If a student is absent and missed an assignment, it is his/her responsibility to make arrangements for make-up work. Make up work needs to be completed in a timely manner. It is the student’s responsibility to know the make-up policy for each teacher. OT (Opportunity Time) is available weekly on regularly scheduled Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for students who require additional time for assignments.


    Parents can request to meet with teachers, counselors, and/or administrators at any time. Please call

    360.458.1100 or stop by the office to make an appointment.

    The Washington State history and government requirement may be met in grades 7 through 12; if the course is taken in the 7th or 8th grade it fulfills the requirement, but high school credit will be awarded only if the academic level of the course exceeds the requirements for 8th grade; students who meet the requirement but do not earn credit must still take the required number of social studies credits in high school.

    All fines/obligations must be paid before end of the year activities/trips.