Comings and Goings

    Students must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian to the office before school begins. Parents need to sign out their child in the office. Students will be called from class once the parent signs the student out in the office. When returning to school, the student must sign back in at the office.

    All students need to communicate with their teachers prior to missing class due to a school-sponsored field trip. Students will also be responsible for work missed due to participation in the activity. All school and bus rules apply, including RMS dress code. Students must be passing all classes to be eligible for field trips.

    Classwork requests may be made for absences of 3 or more days through the Attendance Office.  Please allow 24 hours from the time of the request for staff to prepare the work. It is suggested that each student have a few other students in each class who could be called for information regarding assignments missed. It is the responsibility of the student to request make-up work upon returning to class if no office requests have been made.

    Whether students arrive by bus or are dropped off, once they are on campus, they may not walk off campus. All students must report to the Commons as soon they arrive to school. Students will have the opportunity to sign-out to get help from a teacher or go to the library. Students arriving by bus or from the direction of 107th Loop must enter through the double doors that lead from the bus parking. Students arriving via Carter Street must enter through the Student Entry doors closest to the Commons. See map on the back cover of this handbook for exact locations. The Main Entrance is for visitors and official school business only. All exterior doors except the main entrance doors are locked after 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 a.m. the next day.

    Sometimes during the school year, we face the possibility of inclement weather and school closure or schedule changes.  Typically, families will be notified of emergency schedule changes by an automated phone call, email and/or text.  We will announce closures and delays as early as possible but not later than 5:30 a.m.  Occasionally circumstances change quickly and late announcements are unavoidable. 

    The following information is for reference in the event that the schools are closed or buses operate on an emergency schedule:

    • School Closure: All schools will be closed all day and any activities planned for the day or evening will be announced by 12 p.m. on the district website.

    • Emergency Schedule: Indicates that schools will start on a delayed schedule.  Parents are reminded that although the buses will start the runs later, if we are on an emergency schedule, the buses may be slightly later near the end of the run.  We request that parents make allowances for this.

    • Limited Transportation: Limited transportation will prevail if some roads become inaccessible or if the county announces road closures.  School will be in session unless otherwise announced by the Superintendent’s Office.

    Stay informed about Emergency Closures & Delays by:

    • Signing up for FLASH ALERT ( to receive an email notice.
    • Updating your Family Access email and home & cell numbers
    • Opting In for Text Messaging (Text YES to 67587)
    • Following Yelm Community Schools on Facebook and Twitter
    • Visiting the district website for detailed information and updates
    • Tuning into other media outlets

    It is requested that parents/guardians do not call the media stations for closure information.

    AM Stations

    FM Stations

    TV Stations

    KGTK 920

    KOMO 1000

    KGY 1240

    KITZ 1400 

    KPLU 88.5          KIRO 97.3

    KMPS 94.1         KRWM 106.9

    KXXO 96.1

    KGY 96.9

    KOMO 4

    KING 5 / KONG 6 

    KIRO 7

    KCPQ 13 

    Students transferring to another school must come to the office to pick up a Student Withdrawal Form. The form signed by a parent/guardian will be taken to each class where each teacher will provide a grade-to-date and sign off that no fines have been assessed. It is required that all library books, textbooks and school equipment be returned to the proper teachers, and all teacher signatures obtained. The completed form and payment of fines must be received by the office before withdrawal is complete. Requests for transcripts will be held until all fines have been paid.

    Vacations during the school year are discouraged. Students missing school due to a vacation must complete a pre-arranged absence form and obtain prior approval at least one week in advance from the attendance office, teachers and administration. Any student excused for a planned absence will make up all work missed as determined by his/her teacher.