• Ridgeline Middle School STORM Covenant

    Successful   Trustworthy   Organized   Respectful   Motivated                                          

    All students are responsible for following the RMS STORM Covenant. The covenant establishes the guidelines for appropriate school behavior and serves as the basic framework for student conduct.

    SUCCESSFUL—Students will be encouraged to follow the rules of the school and take pride in their school work and their actions.

    TRUSTWORTHY—Students will be encouraged to be responsible for their actions and attitudes. Students will be accountable for their own actions at all times.

    ORGANIZED—Students will be encouraged to use materials and resources to accomplish personal goals in the classroom. Students and staff will share academic progress with parents using the student planner, telephone, progress reports, electronic and face-to-face communication.

    RESPECTFUL—Students will be encouraged to respect themselves, others, and the learning environment. Positive student behaviors will be supported while any behavior that disrespects will be carefully confronted.

    MOTIVATED—Students, staff and parents will be encouraged to celebrate academic achievement. Students will be encouraged to accomplish their goals. A positive culture motivates everyone to do their best to improve themselves, others, and the school.