•  Grade: 12th
    Materials: Chromebooks
    Lesson Description:
    To graduate from high school in Washington State, students are required to develop a High School and Beyond Plan.  One
    component of Yelm's High School and Beyond Plan is to complete the FAFSA - the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Whether you are interested in apprenticeships, technical colleges, two-year colleges, or four-year colleges, FAFSA completion is required to receive financial aid.  FAFSA also provides important information that families need to plan for the funding of your goals for after high school.  FAFSA = free money for school!
    If you have not yet completed the FAFSA, this Tornado Time period will provide you with an opportunity to start the process by creating a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.  Please see the student handout for directions with this process.  After you create a FSA ID, your parent or guardian will also need to create their own.  Then you will work together to complete the FAFSA online.
    If you need additional help or have questions about filling out the FAFSA, please make an appointment with your assigned school counselor.
    1.  Use Chromebook to log in to FAFSA.gov to begin and /or work on FAFSA application process.
    2.  Create a FSA ID - go to FAFSA.gov
    3.  Click on "Start Here" under, "New to the FAFSA Process?"
    4.  Create a FSA ID.  This will be how you log into the application and sign it once it's complete.  (A parent/guardian will also
         need to create one before filling out the FAFSA application.)

Post Secondary Career Planning: Financial Aid & Scholarships

  •  Grade: 12th
    Lesson Description:
    1.  Students log into Career Cruising

    Student Username:  YELM-(first five letters of last name) (first  three letter of first name) 000
    Example (for Jon Smith):  YELM-SMITHJOH000
    If the last name has less than five letter use an underscore for the remaining spots:
    Example (for Alex Sy):  YELM-SY_ALE000

    Student Password:
    If the student has never logged in before the password is their birthdate: (mmddyyyy)
    Example:  August 25th, 2000--> 08252000

    2.  Click on "My Plan"
    3.  Click on "My Scholarships and Financial Aid" 
    4.  Complete the "Financial Aid Selector"
         Career Cruising will generate a list of scholarships once you complete the questions and clicks on "view results".
    5.  Save 2 or more scholarships to your plan.
    6.  Click on "Federal Financial Aid" and read the information.
    7.  Click on "Local Scholarships" and save 2 or more local scholarships to your plan. (Click on the scholarship and then save
         it to your plan).