1250 Students on Governing Boards

  • The Yelm Community Schools Board of Directors recognizes the value of communicating with students and receiving their input and perspectives.  To foster this relationship with students, the board will annually seat a student representative as advisory, non-voting member(s) of the board.  The board will seat a junior representative each year with the expectation that the student will move into the senior seat the following year.

    Student representatives on the board are expected to attend all meetings.  The student member will contribute to board discussion by providing student insight and perspective, serve as liaison for the associated student body and report to students about the work of the board and district initiatives.  Student representatives will not attend executive sessions, make motions or hold board offices.

    ADOPTED:  3/26/20

    Procedure No. 1250P Students on Governing Boards

    A.  Selection of Nominees
    Yelm High School and Yelm Extension School will create a process to nominate candidates to be student representatives to the school board.  Selected nominee’s names and contact information should be sent to the superintendent no later than the last school calendar day in April.

    B.  Qualifications
    For the 2020-21 school year two students will be selected, one entering the senior year, and one entering the junior year.   In subsequent years one student will be selected (one entering the junior year) who will train and learn the role while the senior student is seated on the board.  Students must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA) and maintain good academic standing throughout the term. Students should have some leadership experiences, in or out of school, and involvement in extra-curricular activities and community activities.  Selected students should also live in the Yelm Community Schools boundary.

    C.  Selection of Student Representatives
    The selection of candidates for student representative will take place at a board work session during May.  The panel to select the representative shall be a quorum of school board members, assistant superintendent and superintendent.  The panel will select the representative(s) after an interview process and majority vote.

    D.  Term of Office
    After the 2020-21 school year, each representative will serve a two year term starting in July and concluding in June.  Student(s) selected will receive an orientation by the superintendent (or designee) and member(s) of the board of directors.

    E.  Responsibilities
    Student representatives will obey all rules and regulations pertaining to board members.  Representatives will receive copies of all regular meeting agendas, minutes, and other relevant information, excluding executive session materials.

    The board may remove a student representative during the term if the student becomes ineligible or fails to fulfill their responsibilities.  In the event of a vacancy, an alternate will be appointed by the board president from the previous list of nominees.

    ADOPTED:  3/26/20