Birthday Policy

  • Birthdays are a special time for children.  At Prairie, we recognize all our student birthdays by announcing their name over the intercom during the morning announcements, pinning an “It’s My Birthday” ribbon on them, and treating them to a birthday pencil.  Each teacher also has special rituals to recognize and celebrate students on their special day.  

    In the past, parents have brought in treats, goody bags, balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, etc.  Beginning in 2012, we no longer allow this practice.  Per district policy, balloons (Latex or Mylar) are not allowed in YCS buildings.  Flowers cannot be delivered to students.  Below are some of the reasons we initiated this change.

    • To minimize disruptions to the instructional day.
    • To minimize surgery or unhealthy treats and the impact they have on our student's health and wellbeing.
    • To create an atmosphere of equality among our students.
    • To reduce possible food/airborne allergens in the classroom.

    Please be assured, staff members will continue to recognize birthdays in special ways.  We ask for your cooperation as we work together to create the best environment for our children.

    Party Invitations: Students may bring party invitations to school. We ask invitations to be given to the teacher for discreet distribution.  This will keep hurt feelings for students who do not receive an invitation and disruptions in the classroom environment to a minimum.