Text/Library Books

  • In Yelm Community Schools, textbooks are loaned free of charge.  Please remind your child to be careful with school books and library books.   Missing, lost, or damaged textbooks or library books will be the parents’ responsibility to pay the replacement cost.   It is our policy to hold a child’s report card and attach a copy of the fine to their student records if the fine is not paid by the end of the school year.  This fine will follow the student in their student records until it is paid, and will be removed from their file once the fine has been paid.  Should a student move from the Yelm Community School’s service district, student records cannot be sent until all outstanding fines are paid.  If the book is found after it has been paid for, you can keep the book or return the book to Prairie Elementary and the district office will issue a refund check for the amount paid.