• Assessment of Local Wellness Policy
    Reviewed by Sandra Conradi, Food Service Director
    August 2019 

    Program Evaluation and Assessment
    A plan for periodically measuring and making available to the public, including students, parents and the community (e.g., as part of the district’s Annual Report) an assessment on the implementation of the LSWP including:

    • The extent to which schools under the jurisdiction of the District are in compliance with the wellness policy;
    • The extent to which the District’s wellness policy compares to the model Wellness School Assessment Tool; and
    • A description of the progress made in attaining the goals of the District’s wellness policy.

    District follows smart snack standards and discourages non healthy foods being brought in for classroom celebrations and rewards.

    District has installed water filling stations almost all schools and will continue with the implementation in the remaining schools within the district during the 19/20 school year.  The district also provides drinking water (cups and water dispenser) in schools without access to fountains or filling stations where school meals will be served during mealtimes.  

    District provides adequate mealtime and runs promotions on healthy foods from time to time to encourage students to participate in the meal program.

    District currently working on implementing longer meal periods to help accommodate students with adequate mealtime.

    District has applied to be a test school for the 20 minute seated lunchtime.

    District provides staff development in the Food Service Department and follows the guidelines of the Professional Standards set forth by USDA.

    District provides Nutrition Education on monthly menus; the Health e pro online menu provides Nutrition Education links from time to time throughout the year and the Food Services District Website. 

    District’s wellness policy is in direct line with the model wellness school assessment tool, district has not adopted any further guidelines.

    District provides grade appropriate PE programs at all schools.

    District promotes sports activities for student involvement.

    District currently promotes Family & Community involvement at all schools.  Food Services work with students in FFA to help with cafeteria promotions such as Taste Washington.

    District has identified some safe and active routes to and from school to promote alternative transport methods for children, such as walking and bicycle programs.  Yelm Community Schools has a lot of rural are so some access is limited.  The district will continue to encourage this behavior by engaging and promoting appropriate activities for our area.

    A sidewalk was installed in front of Fort Stevens Elementary School, to provide a safer walking experience to and from school.

    Flashing beacons have been installed on Hwy 507 and Yelm Highway to assist foot traffic with students to and from schools.