Graduate Yelm! Network Pledge

  • Graduation Readiness is when a student possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to enter and finish their post-graduation education plan preparing them for the workforce in their chosen field. 

    Students starting in Kindergarten complete a sequence of grade level appropriate activities. This personalized High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is developed over the course of a student’s educational career with key milestones providing guidance in course selection and career connected learning experiences.

    The schools play an instrumental role, but they can’t do it alone. It takes each person in our community to believe all students can achieve their goals. Students need support from caring adults as they make informed decisions along their journey. 

    I pledge my support and commit to 

    • Reviewing the information posted on the Graduate Yelm! website,
    • Completing the PLEDGE form,
    • Honoring all education options that support a student’s HSBP, and
    • Completing at least one activity in each category every year! 


    Lend Your Expertise Participate in School Activities Increase Community Support
    Be a guest speaker Be a chaperone for an event Recruit another member to pledge their support
    Tell a student about your career Be a on a panel for student presentations Share the GY! Network Pledge with a group of neighbors
    Talk to a student about a character trait needed in your career Attend a school event (i.e. play, performance, competition, assembly Read school and district newsletters then share a story monthly with someone not connected to schools
    Ask a student what skills and talents they need to move to the next level Volunteer with a school project or event (i.e., Open House, Career Fair, Resource Fair, PTSO/PTA event) Share GY! Posts monthly from district social media
    Ask a student, “What’s Your Plan?” Be a judge at a CTSO competition Send a story to district about your experience and how it made a difference
    Host a lunch talk with students about career pathways in your industry Be a mentor in a class Send a Letter to the Editor about a the difference mentorship makes

Personal Pledges

  •  Anisa Mathson  Heather Hocklander  Jennie Delaney  Denice Lingle
     Eric Rosane  Meagan Darrow  Brittany and Doug LaPalm  Susan Robinson
     Krystyl Wadley  Kim Proffit  Nicole Mathis  Paul Manwiller
    Sandra Manwiller  Kailee Houlihan  Dawna Hansen Murray