2421 Promotion/Retention

  • The board recognizes that the rate of physical, social, emotional and academic growth will vary among individual students. Since each student grows at their own rate, these individual growth characteristics shall be recognized in classroom programming.

    After a student has successfully completed a year of study at a specific grade level, they will be promoted to the next grade. Retention at the same grade may be beneficial to the student in the rare circumstance when they are not demonstrating minimum competency in basic skill subjects in relation to ability and grade level. Retention should only be considered where there is a strong likelihood that the student will benefit with minimum social and emotional disruption.

    The superintendent will establish procedures which provide that parents will be informed at least one (1) quarter in advance of any retention decision on the part of the school.  The procedures may include an exception to this timeline for third grade students subject to the grade placement requirements in Policy 2107- Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan.

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    Board Policy 2090           Program Evaluation
                               2107           Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan

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    ADOPTED: 01/17/1991
    REVISED: 09/25/97; 12/14/06; 01/24/08; 08/27/09; 12/17/15

    Procedure No. 2421P Promotion/Retention
    Prior to the end of the third quarter, when possible, the teacher(s) will confer with the principal or designee regarding any student who should be considered for retention.  Parents/guardians shall be invited to meet with the principal or designee and teacher(s).  Information will be presented to explain the student's progress to date.  Parents will be advised on how they might assist the student during the balance of the school year.

    At least two (2) weeks prior to the end of the school year, the parent, principal or designee and teacher will again meet to review the latest progress and determine if the student's need would be best served by promotion or retention. 

    When a decision for retention or promotion is made, consideration will be based on the following criteria:

    1. The prognosis for improved or continuing academic progress is good.

    2. There is general parental and student acceptance and understanding of the need for the retention or promotion; however, the principal has authority to make this decision.

    3. There is indication that retention or promotion will maintain or improve a student's overall relationship with other students.

    4. The student's general physical development compares with that of the group with whom assigned.

    5. Chronological age.

    6. Existing standards or competency tests.

    As a general rule, no trial or conditional promotion will be made where this is contingent upon the student doing satisfactory work in the next grade.  

    ADOPTED:  07/20/99
    REVISED: 01/24/08

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