2411 Certificate of Educational Competency

  • Certificates of educational competency will be awarded by the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

    To be eligible for a certificate of educational competency, a  student who is 16 years of age or older but under 19 years of age must have a substantial and warranted reason for leaving the regular high school program, or who have home schooled.

    The student may apply either to the resident district or the school the student last attended in the state of Washington.  The application must be signed by the student’s parent and will include the recommendation of a staff review committee and the superintendent or designee.  Reasons for withdrawal to seek a certificate of education competency may include: 

    1. Personal problems which seriously impair the student’s ability to make reasonable progress toward high school graduation;

    2. A financial crisis which directly affects the student and necessitates the student’s employment during school hours;

    3. The lack of curriculum and instruction which constitute appropriate learning experiences for the student;

    4. The inability or failure of the school of attendance to adjust its program for the individual or otherwise make arrangements for enrollment in a program in manner which enables the student to advance toward graduation with reasonable progress and success;

    5. A determination by the designated employee of the district that it is in the best interests of the student to withdraw in order to enter a postsecondary institution or the military, or to engage in employment; or

    6. The student has been home-schooled and has essentially completed high school work.

     Any student who feels that the denial to apply for a certificate of educational competency was unwarranted may appeal to the board of directors. The board of directors will make a decision within 30 calendar days of the request and such decision be final, subject to an appeal to a court of law pursuant to RCW 28A.645.010.

    Cross References: 
    Board Policy 3114              Part-time, home-based or off-campus Students

    Legal References:   
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    ADOPTED: 08/26/93
    REVISED: 09/25/97; 06/25/98; 11/24/98; 05/24/07; 03/22/12


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