2336 Required Observances

  • Required Observances
    (Veterans’ Day, Constitution Day, Temperance and Good Citizenship Day,
    Disability History Month)

    Principals will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of educational activities of approximately sixty minutes in duration in observance of Veterans’ Day. The program will be conducted during the school week preceding the eleventh day of November of each year. 

    Constitution Day will be observed each year on September 17 in commemoration of the September 17, 1787, signing of the United States Constitution. If September 17 occurs on a non-school day, Constitution Day will be conducted on the preceding Friday.

    Temperance and Good Citizenship Day will be observed on January 16 or, if on a non-school day, on the Friday preceding January 16. On that day, the social studies teachers must, as resources allow, coordinate a voter registration event in each history or social studies class attended by high school seniors.

    Disability History Month will be observed during the month of October by conducting or promoting educational activities such as school assemblies or guest speaker presentations that provide instruction, awareness and understanding of disability history and people with disabilities.

    Legal References:   
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    Management Resources: 
    Policy News, Aug. 2006         Constitution Day Recognition                                              
    Policy & Legal News              Feb. 2014; May 2018 

    ADOPTED: 01/17/91
    REVISED: 09/25/97; 10/26/06; 12/20/07; 05/22/14; 1/14/21



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