2178 Traffic Safety Education

  • The district shall provide traffic safety instruction for eligible students.  A fee shall be assessed to cover those costs, except that this fee may be waived or reduced for students whose families, by reason of their low income, would have difficulty paying the full fee.  The USDA child nutrition program guidelines shall be used to determine qualification for a waiver or reduction.

    The board directs the superintendent to implement procedures dealing with program supervision; curriculum development; student enrollment criteria, including but not limited to grade level of student, age of student and enrollment status of student; student progress; and collection and refunding of student fees, including provisions for accruing money for future traffic safety program needs or refunding students when student fees exceed the unreimbursed cost of the programs; and notice of the availability of fee waivers or reductions.

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    ADOPTED: 11/24/98
    REVISED: 10/25/07

    Procedure No. 2178P Traffic Safety Education
    The following procedures shall be in effect:

    1. The superintendent shall designate a staff member or authorized agent to be in charge of the traffic safety education program. The program supervisor shall ensure that the district’s traffic safety education program receives annual approval from OSPI.
    2. For instructional purposes, the traffic safety education instructor shall use appropriate instructional materials for traffic safety education.
    3. Each student enrolled in a traffic safety program shall meet the objectives and competencies listed in the curriculum as a condition of successful completion of the program.
    4. Traffic safety education courses provided shall be conducted during daylight hours (may be extended to no later than 5:00 p.m. during winter months) except that night driving experiences may be provided.
    5. Recognizing that a limited number of students can be served each year, certain enrollment criteria are established.

      1.  Course has been paid in full at registration
      2.  Older students will be registered ahead of younger students
      3.  Grade level in school (12th grade has priority)

    6. Students must have a valid driver’s permit on the first day of class or within seven days of the first class. Students enrolled in traffic safety during the regular school year must reside in the district or be students who have been released by another district to attend school or be registered for home schooling in this district.
    7. Students who receive a failing grade or have dropped from a program shall pay an additional fee when re-entering the program.
    8. Fees for the course shall be established by the superintendent or their designee. Fees must be paid in full within the first 15 school days from the start of class.  Failure to pay in full prior to the 16th day will result in the student being dropped from the class.  There are no refunds after 15 days.
    9. Students entering the program from another district shall pay the regularly assessed fee. 

    ADOPTED: 08/26/99
    REVISED: 08/29/02; 09/22/05; 10/25/07

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