2090 Program Evaluation

  • The board requires efficiency and effectiveness in all facets of its operations.  In order to achieve this goal, the board will provide:

    1. A clear statement of expectations and/or standards for the district’s instructional programs;
    2. Staff, resources and support to achieve these expectations and/or standards; and
    3. A plan for evaluating instructional programs and services to determine how well expectations and/or standards are being met.

     The district will utilize a variety of assessment processes to:

    1. Determine the effectiveness of the instructional programs;
    2. Assess the progress of individual students in attaining student learning goals or standards;
    3. Identify the needs of individual students who are not progressing at their expected rates; and
    4. Identify students who are in need of specialized programs.

    Parents who wish to examine any assessment materials may do so by contacting the superintendent.  Parent approval is necessary before administering a diagnostic personality test.  Parents will be notified of their child’s performance on any test or assessment conducted under the Washington State Assessment Program.  No tests or measurement devices containing any questions about a student’s or their family’s personal beliefs and practices in family life, morality and religion shall be administered unless the parent or guardian gives written permission for the student to take such test, questionnaire or examination.

    The superintendent will prepare an annual report which reflects the degree to which district goals and objectives related to the instructional program have been accomplished. The superintendent will annually review the assessment processes and procedures to determine if the purposes of the evaluation program are being accomplished.  Specifically, the district will adjust its curriculum if student performance under the Washington State Assessment Program indicates the district’s students need assistance in identified areas. 

    Legal References:    
    RCW 28A.230                       Compulsory Coursework and Activities
    WAC 392-500-020              Pupil tests and records – Tests – School district policy in writing
    WAC 392-500-030              Pupil tests and records – Certain tests, questionnaires, etc. – Limitations
    WAC 392-500-035              Pupil tests and records – Diagnostic personality tests – Parental permission required

    Management Resources:
    Policy News, Dec. 2000     Portions of HB 1209 Take Effect                                        

    ADOPTED: 1/17/91
    REVISED: 03/27/97; 09/25/97; 03/22/2001; 12/20/07; 02/28/13 

    Procedure No. 2090P Program Evaluation


    A district program evaluation committee, representative of the staff, will meet at least once per year to review the district assessment program.  The committee shall submit its recommendation to the superintendent for the following year’s assessment program by May 15.  The recommendation shall include a schedule for all assessment activities to be conducted during the year.  In its review, the committee shall consider such factors as:

    1. Validity. Do the proposed assessment materials measure the district’s objectives?  Are the items compatible with the district scope and sequence?
    2. Administration. Are directions clear for the teacher?  For the student?  Is the format attractive?
    3. Interpretation of Results. Are results reported in a form that is meaningful to the teacher, the student, the district, the parent?

    The proposed schedule shall be approved by principals and by the superintendent.  The schedule shall be distributed to individual schools by August 15.  The district office shall be responsible for ordering tests, distributing materials and scoring sheets, and distributing administration instructions.  After tests have been scored, the district office shall be responsible for:

    1. Preparing reports on test results for board, instructional staff, parents/guardians and the general public.
    2. Interpreting scores for staff and interested persons.
    3. Disseminating individual scores to staff responsible for counseling, screening and special placement of individuals.
    4. Preparing reports to evaluate curriculum and assist staff in implementing changes and improvements in curriculum.
    ADOPTED: 9/25/97
    REVISED: 03/22/01

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