4265 Community Schools' Program

  • As a method of extending educational opportunities to the entire community through a fuller utilization of school facilities, a community schools' program may be established. The program shall be financed primarily by federal or state funds available for this purpose and through tuition’s established to help fund the program offering.

    The purposes of this program are: 

    1. Provide educational, recreational, cultural and other community services and programs through the establishment of the concept of community education with the community school serving as the center for such activity; 

    2. Promote a more efficient and expanded use of existing school buildings and equipment; 

    3. Help provide personnel to work with schools, citizens and with other agencies and groups;
    4. Provide a wide range of opportunities for all citizens including programs, if resources are available, to promote parenting skills and promote awareness of the problem of child abuse and methods to avoid child abuse; 

    5. As used in this section, “parenting skills” shall include: The importance of consistency in parenting; the value of providing children with a balance of love and firm discipline; the instruction of children in honesty, morality, ethics and respect for the law; and the necessity of preserving and nurturing the family unit; and 

    6. Help develop a sense of community in which the citizens cooperate with the public schools and community agencies and groups to resolve their school and community concerns and to recognize that the schools are available for use by the community day and night, year-round or any time when the programming will not interfere with the preschool through grade twelve program. 

    The Superintendent shall establish and periodically present to the Board for review an organizational plan and tentative program that shall assure that the program is responsive to the varying needs of citizens living in different sections of the community.

    Legal Reference:
    RCW 28A.620.020         Community education programs – Restrictions  

    REVISED: 11/24/98