4238 Business Advertising/Sponsorships

  • The Board of Directors may identify a need to raise additional funds for improvement to and maintenance of District athletic facilities, through the use of advertising and/or sponsorships.  Advertising/sponsorships may include facility naming rights, signage on fencing and facilities, and advertising on athletic scoreboards.  Selection of advertising/sponsorship shall be consistent with Policy 4238P and any contracts entered into with advertisers/sponsors.  

    ADOPTED:  1/24/2019

    Procedure No. 4238P Business Advertising/Sponsorships
    Recruiting Advertising/Sponsorship for School Athletic Facilities

    When the Board of Directors identifies a need to secure advertising dollars to offset the cost of an improvement to or maintenance of school district facilities, the Board shall authorize the Superintendent or designee to oversee the recruitment of business sponsored commercial advertising and/or sponsorship.  Such advertising or sponsorship may include naming rights, signage, advertising on athletic facilities such as score boards, and other reasonable means that achieve the objectives of the school district and business sponsor.  The Superintendent or designee shall recruit and select business sponsors through a Request For Proposal (RFP) process.  The RFP shall contain appropriate terms to ensure the District’s interests are protected, and all advertising/sponsorship complies with this Policy.

    Minimum requirements for advertising/sponsorship

    Advertising/sponsorship shall focus on creating a favorable impression and business goodwill for the commercial institution.

    Advertising/sponsorship shall not: 

    • Promote the use of or condone alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, crime, firearms or other weapons;
    • Promote, favor or oppose any candidate for election; adoption of any bond/budget issues or any public question submitted at the general, county, municipal or school election; or ballot measure submitted at a public election;
    • Result in or create the impression of discrimination on the basis of any protected characteristic including race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation.
    • Create an excessive entanglement with religious institutions in violation of the First Amendment.
    • Be inaccurate, misleading, or not age appropriate for District students.

    Selection process

    The Superintendent or designee shall review proposals submitted in response to RFPs for advertising/sponsors, and shall be the sole decision-maker on whether the proposed advertising/sponsorship meets minimum requirements.  The Superintendent or designee shall accept the proposals deemed to be in the best interests of the District, based upon:

    • Monetary value of the offer
    • Contract length and terms
    • Local/community significance of advertiser/sponsor
    • Advertising content
    • Any other relevant factors necessary to determine best value/best interests of the District.

    Approval of advertising/sponsorship shall not be construed as an endorsement of an individual, business or community organization, its product or service or as an exclusive agreement. 

    Locations for Advertising/Sponsorship

    The Board shall identify District facilities at which advertising/sponsorship may be utilized, including but not limited to:  

    • Facility naming rights
    • Field/stadium fencing
    • Athletic score board
    • Press box
    • Concession stand
    • Tennis courts

    Use of Funds Obtained from Advertising/Sponsorship

    Funds obtained from advertising/sponsorship shall be utilized for improvement to and maintenance of District facilities, as designated by the Board.  The Superintendent or designee shall ensure funds obtained from advertising/sponsorship does not result in an inequity distribution of funds between girls’ and boys’ sports, as required by Title IX.  

    Contracts with Advertisers/Sponsors

    Any advertisers/sponsors selected through an RFP process shall be required to enter into a contract with the District specifying the contract length, price, and other specific terms deemed necessary by the District.  The contract shall enable the District to terminate the contract on thirty (30) days’ notice for any reason. 

    The primary educational aims of the schools and the needs and interests of their students must be the first consideration at all times. 

    Criteria for Selection of Educationally Desirable Contests 

    The contest or activity should be: 

    1. One that supplements and does not interfere with the regular school

    2. One that is beneficial to youth in educational, civic, social or ethical

    3. One that makes it possible for individual students to work out contributions by their own efforts and does not invite dishonest collaboration.

    4. One whose subject is not commercial, controversial, sectarian or concerned with propaganda. It must emphasize high moral standards, good citizenship, and intellectual

    5. One from which no contestant should be excluded because of race, color, creed or sex.

    6. One which does not place an undue burden on students, teachers, or the school, nor require frequent or lengthy absence of participants from the school.

    7. One sponsored by an organization engaged in a creditable or acceptable enterprise regardless of kind or amount of prizes offered and must not use the contest or activity as a “front” for advertising a company name or project.

    ADOPTED:  1/24/2019