4237 Contests, Advertising and Promotions

  • Any club, association or other organization must have prior approval for students' participation in any contest, advertising campaign or promotion. Approval may be given by the principal and/or superintendent following recommendation by the teacher(s) whose classes would be involved. Criteria to be used are: 

    1. The objectives of the contest, campaign, or promotion shall be consistent with the district's goals and policies;

    2. The proposed activity shall have educational value to the participants and be free of objectionable advancement of the name, product or special interest of the sponsoring group; and

    3. Participation by a student shall not interfere with their program of curricular or co‑curricular activities.

    Cross Reference:
    Board Policy 3220                     Freedom of Expression                                                                     

    Legal Reference: 
    AGO 9503.00 1995 No. 3         Use of School Districts’ Facilities by Student Groups for Religious Purposes

    ADOPTED:  10/22/1992
    REVISED: 11/24/98; 04/26/01

    Procedure No. 4237P Contests, Advertising and Promotions 
    The primary educational aims of the schools and the needs and interests of their students must be the first consideration at all times.

    Criteria for Selection of Educationally Desirable Contests

    The contest or activity should be: 

    1. One that supplements and does not interfere with the regular school program.

    2. One that is beneficial to youth in educational, civic, social or ethical development.

    3. One that makes it possible for individual students to work out contributions by their own efforts and does not invite dishonest collaboration.

    4. One whose subject is not commercial, controversial, sectarian or concerned with propaganda. It must emphasize high moral standards, good citizenship, and intellectual competence.

    5. One from which no contestant should be excluded because of race, color, creed or sex.

    6. One which does not place an undue burden on students, teachers, or the school, nor require frequent or lengthy absence of participants from the school.

    7. One sponsored by an organization engaged in a creditable or acceptable enterprise regardless of kind or amount of prizes offered and must not use the contest or activity as a “front” for advertising a company name or project.

    ADOPTED:  10/22/1992
    REVISED: 11/24/98