4220 Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs

  • Constructive criticism can be helpful to the district. At the same time, the Board has confidence in its staff and programs and shall act to protect them from unwarranted criticism or disruptive interference. Complaints received by the Board or a Board member shall be referred to the Superintendent for investigation.

    The Superintendent shall develop procedures to handle complaints con­cerning staff or programs. Complaints regarding instructional materials should be pursued in the manner suggested by Policy 2020 (Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials).

    Legal References:
    RCW 28A.405.300         Adverse’ change in contract status of certificated employee--Determination of probable cause – Notice – Opportunity for hearing
    RCW 42.30                       Open Public Meetings Act

    ADOPTED: 10/22/1992
    REVISED: 11/24/98

    Procedure No. 4220P Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs
    Most complaints can be resolved by informal discussions between the citizen and the staff member. Should the matter not be resolved, the principal shall attempt to resolve the issue through a conference with the citizen and the staff member. 

    The following procedures apply to the processing of a complaint which cannot be resolved in the manner described above:  

    1. If the problem is not satisfactorily resolved at the building level, the citizen should file a written complaint which describes the problem, and a suggested solution. The Superintendent should send copies to the principal and staff member.

    2. The staff member shall respond to the Superintendent in writing or in person.

    3. The Superintendent shall then attempt to resolve the matter through a conference with the citizen, staff member, and principal.

    4. If the matter is still not resolved, the Superintendent shall present the issue to the Board. If the complaint is against a staff member, the complaint shall be handled in executive session in the presence of the staff member. The Board shall attempt to make a final resolution of the matter. Any formal actions by the Board must take place at an open meeting. If such action may adversely affect the contract status of the staff member, the Board shall give written notice to the staff member of their rights to a hearing. 

    ADOPTED:  10/22/1992
    REVISED: 11/24/98