4110 Citizen's Advisory Committees and Task Forces

  • The Superintendent and/or Board may appoint a citizens' advisory com­mittee as is necessary to establish interaction with the community about selected issues. The committee shall study school matters and submit their findings and recommendations to the Superintendent and/or Board. This committee shall be formed by authorization of the Board. Such authorization shall include a description of the responsibilities and reporting relationships and shall specify the duration of the committee's existence.

    ADOPTED:  10/22/1992
    REVISED: 11/24/98

    Procedure No. 4110P Citizen's Advisory Committees and Task Forces
    The following guidelines have been prepared to assist an ad hoc citizens' advisory committee or task force:

    1. A specific charge or assignment shall be made to the committee.

    2. The Board shall appoint a committee member based upon the person's interest and the Board's judgment of the individual's potential contribution to the accomplishment of the committee's task.

    3. The committee shall be advisory only. The Board does not and, under the law cannot, relinquish its decision‑making responsibilities.

    4. The committee shall make periodic progress reports to the Board; such interim reports as well as the committee's final findings and recommendations shall become matters of public record by virtue of their presentation to the Board in a public Board meeting.

    5. Minority recommendations, as well as those of the majority, shall be welcomed by the Board.

    6. The duration of the committee shall be indicated when it is established. The Board may authorize the committee to continue its work beyond the original termination date.

    7. Staff consultants and other resource assistance shall be made available. The committee may elect to request advice or opinions from others as well, including representative citizens of the community.

    8. Committee meeting guidelines are as follows:

      1.  The frequency of meetings, meeting times, meeting places and the nature of the meeting announcements shall normally be determined by the committee.

      2.  The committee may invite public attendance if it feels such attendance shall facilitate the accomplishment of its goals.

      3.  The committee shall develop meeting procedures which shall assist in the orderly pursuit of its task.

    9. Expenses of the committee may be allowed if authorized in advance.

    10. Appointment of the committee chairman shall be the prerogative of the Board.

    11. By agreeing to serve on the committee, a person indicates their willingness to comply with the Board's guidelines for an ad hoc citizens' advisory committee and with specific guidelines and procedures developed for the committee.

    ADOPTED:  10/22/1992
    REVISED: 11/24/98