4060 Distribution of Materials

  • The board recognizes that nonprofit organizations may want to distribute materials in the school district that are non-curricular but that have social, recreational or educational value for students.

    Any nonprofit group wishing to distribute informational material must first submit, to the superintendent or a designee, a copy of the material and a statement of the educational value the program provides to students.

    Informational materials to be distributed must also be approved by the building principal and meet certain standards prior to distribution. The primary purpose of the standards is to prevent the exploitation of students by individuals or groups.

    It is the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the building principals to draft procedures regarding this policy.

    Cross References:   
    Board Policy 2340                   Religious-Related Activities and Practices
    Board Policy 3220                   Freedom of Expression

    Management Resources:
    Policy News, Apr. 2005          Distribution of Materials

    ADOPTED: 07/21/2005

    Procedure No. 4060P Distribution of Materials
    Individuals seeking distribution of information about its program will submit to the superintendent or designee a statement of the recreational or educational value to students.

    Dissemination of the information does not reflect the district's endorsement or sponsorship of the activity.  All materials distributed must contain the statement “The district does not sponsor this event and the district assumes no responsibility for it."

    The district or the school will not distribute materials that:

    1. Are obscene, lewd, or vulgar;

    2. Are libelous;

    3. Contain language that is intimidating, demeaning, harassing or threatening on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital or veteran status, including, but not limited to, racial, sexual, or ethnic slurs;

    4. Promote commercial enterprises;

    5. Promote the violation of existing laws, regulation or ordinances, or official school policy, rules or regulations; or

    6. Proselytize or disparage religious beliefs.

    The Community Relations coordinator will review and determine whether the materials are approved for distribution to students. Any further review will be by the superintendent/designee whose decision is final.

    ADOPTED: 07/21/2005
    REVISED: 5/28/15