5642 Internships

  • The board recognizes the need to provide training opportunities for prospective administrators. Internships for those who are in the process of acquiring administrative credentials shall be approved on an individual basis. Specific factors to be used in considering an individual for an internship position shall include but not be limited to: academic record, teaching ability, leadership qualities, communication skills, loyalty and dedication to past and present assignments.

    If recommended by the screening committee, the superintendent shall be responsible for: scheduling any necessary release time, arranging for constructive supervision of the internship experience and identifying a variety of experiences which will meet the needs of the intern.

    ADOPTED: 01/28/93
    REVISED: 09/24/98

    Procedure No. 5642P Internships

    The following procedures shall be followed in the selection of interns for administrative or supervisory positions:

    1. All staff members will be advised of their opportunity to establish eligibility for an internship. 

    2. A screening committee shall be appointed to assist in the selection of administrative interns. The membership should adequately represent the various levels within which the prospective administrator will work. Classroom teachers may be included in the membership of a screening committee.

    3. Through examination of the applicant's credentials and through examination and/or personal interview, a screening committee shall determine whether the applicant is qualified for consideration as an intern for an administrative position. The screening committee will be supplied with statements of criteria which relate to the specific job description. The screening committee shall interview prospective interns on the basis of specific criteria for the position. The committee shall maintain a set of notes which can be used as the basis for arriving at recommendations. The recommendations of the screening committee shall be submitted to the superintendent.

    4. The individuals recommended for consideration as interns shall be scheduled for internship assignments when and where it will be most advantageous to the district.

    Following selection, the intern and their supervisor will set objectives and plan appropriate activities dealing with such areas as: personnel, curriculum, community relations, student relationships, finance, non-instructional operations and facilities.

    ADOPTED: 01/28/93
    REVISED: 09/24/98

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