5630 Volunteers

  • The district recognizes the valuable contribution made to the total school program through the volunteer assistance of parents and other citizens. In working with volunteers, district staff shall clearly explain the volunteer's responsibility for supervising students in school, on the playground and on field trips. On field trips both students and volunteers are to be informed of the rules of student behavior and the means by which they are to be held accountable to those rules.

    The superintendent shall be responsible for developing and implementing procedures for the utilization of volunteers. The selection and use of volunteers will be consistent with those policies and procedures as specified for unsupervised volunteers as specified in Policy 5005.

    Cross Reference:  
    Board Policy 5005         Employment: disclosures, certification requirements, assurances and approval

    Legal References:    
    RCW 43.43.830-840      Washington State Criminal Code Records
    WAC 446-20-285            Employment - Conviction Records

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98

    Procedure No. 5630P Volunteers

    The voluntary help of citizens should be requested by staff through administrative channels for conducting selected activities and/or to serve as resource persons.

    Volunteers shall:

    1. Serve in the capacity of helpers and not be assigned to roles which require specific professional training. Instructional services shall be rendered under the supervision of certificated staff.

    2. Refrain from discussing the performance or actions of a student except with the student's teacher, counselor or principal.

    3. Refer to a regular staff member for final solution of any student problem which arises, whether of an instructional, medical or operational nature.

    4. Receive such information as:

      1.  General job responsibilities and limitations;

      2.  Information about school facilities, routines and procedures;

      3.  Work schedule and place of work;

      4.  Expected relationship to the regular staff;

    5. Be provided appropriate training at the building level, if new volunteers, consistent with their tasks and existing district standards. This training shall be developed under the leadership of the principal in consultation with a district supervisor.

    6. Have assignments and activities carefully defined in writing. Examples of suggested duties for volunteers may include:

      1.  Bulletin Boards;

      2.  Preparation of materials for art, science, math classes;

      3.  Clerical duties including typing of dittos, stencils, inventories, putting booklets together, newsletters and related, student lunchroom counts and attendance and class records;

      4.  Clean up activities; 

      5.  Library and audio visual duties;

      6.  Assistance with physical education exercises;

      7.  Instructional activities appropriate to the volunteer's training and classroom needs such as monitoring math assignments, listening to oral reading and others;

      8.  Vision and hearing testing and approved medical surveys;

      9.  School activities supervision; and

      10.  Playground supervision with a staff member;

    7. Have their services terminated for these and other reasons:

      1.  Program and/or duties completed,

      2.  Resignation of the volunteer,

      3.  Replacement by paid staff member, and

      4.  Circumstances which in the judgment of the administration may necessitate asking the volunteer to terminate services.

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98



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