5612 Temporary Administrators

  • Persons appointed as temporary replacements to perform administrative tasks in emergency situations, during times of workload fluctuations or employee absences, or on special projects of short-term duration will be considered temporary administrative employees. They will be employed and assigned by action of the board and will be compensated for services on the basis of salary rates within board approved budgetary allocations.

    The appointment and service of a temporary administrative employee will be based on principles of performance, ability and qualifications, as for any other employment action, with consideration for the urgency and other circumstances of the district's need and for the immediate availability of persons qualified to fill the need.

    If a retired administrator is hired as a temporary administrator, they may work up to 867 hours without affecting their retirement.

    Cross Reference:  
    Board Policy 5001        Hiring of Retired School Employees

    Legal References:  
    RCW 28A.400.300         Hiring and discharging employees – Written leave policies – Seniority and leave benefits of employees transferring between school districts and other educational employers
    RCW 41.32.570              Postretirement employment – Reduction or suspension of pension payments

    ADOPTED:  01/28/93
    REVISED: 09/24/98; 02/28/02; 11/22/11


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