5521 Teacher Assistance Program

  • Continued professional study and in-service training are prerequisites for professional growth and development. The teacher mentor program is established for the purpose of selecting a highly-skilled teacher to provide continued and sustained support to a teacher, both in and outside the classroom. For purposes of this program "beginning teacher" shall mean a teacher with fewer than ninety consecutive school days of certificated teaching experience in either a public or private school in any grade, preschool through twelve, and who is employed by the district for ninety consecutive school days or more. "Experienced teacher" means any teacher who exceeds the experience specifications cited above.

    The superintendent is directed to establish procedures consistent with rules and regulations promulgated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The district reserves the right to modify the program including: the selection process for the participants - beginning, experienced and mentor teachers; the supervisory responsibilities of the mentor teacher; in-service training of beginning, experienced and mentor teachers, when it is to the advantage of the district to expand the program beyond that supported by the state grant.

    Legal References:     
    WAC 392‑196         Teacher Assistance Program

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98

    Procedure No. 5521P Teacher Assistance Program

    In compliance with rules and regulations promulgated by the superintendent of public instruction, the district assures that:

    1. The mentor teacher shall be paid a mentor teacher stipend of a minimum of $950.00 which shall be incorporated into a supplemental contract.

    2. The beginning/experienced teacher shall be paid a stipend as set forth in the supplemental contract.

    3. The beginning and mentor teacher shall attend and shall be reimbursed by the district for travel expenses for three days attendance at required workshops or training sessions.

    4. The mentor teacher may be released from classroom teaching responsibilities in order to observe and assist the beginning or experienced teacher in the classroom.

    5. The mentor teacher, the beginning teacher and the experienced teacher may be released from classroom teaching responsibilities in order to jointly or separately observe each other or observe colleagues in teaching situations.

    6. The total release time from classroom teaching as stated in (D) and (E), above, shall be at least twenty‑four scheduled instructional hours per school year.

    7. Mentor teachers shall not be involved in evaluations of their beginning or experienced teachers.

    8. The mentor teacher, the beginning teacher and the experienced teacher shall complete and forward to the Superintendent of public instruction such evaluation reports of the teacher assistance program as requested by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

    9. Mentor teachers shall periodically inform their principals regarding the contents of training sessions and other program activities.

    Selection of mentor teacher:

    1. A general announcement regarding the mentor teacher program and the application process shall be distributed to all staff members by April 1.

    2. A mentor teacher shall have been employed primarily as a teacher for one school year with the district and two additional years within any public or private school in any grade K-12. A mentor teacher shall:

      1.  Demonstrate effective teaching skills.

      2.  Have a good understanding and perspective of district and building policies, procedures and programs.

      3.  Possess a high level of professional development/commitment.

      4.  Demonstrate good communication and interpretation skills.

      5.  Shall exhibit a high level of energy and enthusiasm and show evidence of a high level of creativity.

      6.  Be highly regarded by students, staff and the community.

    3. The Assistant Superintendent shall select the mentor teachers. Two classroom teachers, appointed by the teacher's bargaining unit, shall participate in the mentor teacher selection process.

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98

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