5520 Staff Development

  • Professional Growth and Development for Non-Administrative Staff

    Additional training and study are prerequisites for continued growth and effectiveness of staff members.  It is also necessary for staff members with increased responsibilities and new demands.  Staff are encouraged to gain additional job-related skills through special study or in-service training.

    Professional Growth and Development of Administrators

    The board recognizes that training and study for administrators contribute to their skill development necessary to better serve the needs of the school district.  The superintendent will  supervise an administrative in-service program based upon the needs of the district, as well as the needs of individual administrators.

    Cross References:  
    Board Policy 5005         Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval
                               5240         Evaluation of Staff

    Legal References:       
    RCW 28A.415.040         In-service Training Act
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    392-195                            In-service training program
    392-121-255                   Definition – Academic credits
    392-121-257                   Definition – In-service credits
    392-192                            Professional Growth

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98; 07/26/207; 03/22/12

    rocedure No. 5520P Staff Development

    Professional Growth Plan: The minimum elements of the district’s professional growth plan shall be:

    1. A Professional Growth Program Committee that will consist of at least the following: one teacher from the K-8 level; one teacher from the high school level; one itinerant certificated support staff person; one representative of counseling, assessment, library and/or other certificated support staff; one central office administrator; one K-8 building administrator; and one high school building administrator.

    2. Certificated staff shall use one or more of the following sources of information in developing their individual professional growth plans: peer review and evaluation, input by parents, input by students, personal and/or professional goals, school district goals, building goals, self-assessment, personal academic records, and school district evaluations.

    3. Materials, records or portfolios expressly developed as a result of an individual’s participation in the professional growth program shall be the property of the participant, and shall not be retained in the employee’s personnel file or used by the district in its formal evaluation process.

    In-service training Program: In order to participate in the state In-service Program the district shall:

    1. Conduct a needs assessment. Provide a signed statement of assurances to the Superintendent of Public Instruction that the district shall implement the recommendations of the needs assessment.

    2. Appoint, by the Board of Directors, an advisory in-service training task force comprised of representatives from central administration, building administration, teachers, classified and support. A representative of higher education and the general public may be appointed.

    3. Establish with the advisory in-service training task force written goals and objectives, identify training activities relevant to the goals and objectives, and design evaluation procedures and criteria to assess the success of the training activities in meeting the goals and objectives. A majority of the task force must concur.

    4. Not supplant current district funding of existing in-service training and staff development programs with state In-service Training Program funds.

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98

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