5260 Personnel Records

  • The district shall organize, compile and maintain personnel records and files for each staff member of the district which will be kept secure under the authority of the superintendent/designee. The contents of the personnel files will be available to the superintendent/designee and to those staff authorized by the superintendent/designee to organize, compile and maintain the files. Any confidential college or university credentials or other confidential pre-employment materials received by the district will be returned to the sender or maintained in personnel records, such as an application file.

    A certificated or classified staff member will be permitted, during normal district business hours, to review the contents of their personnel file in the presence of an authorized staff member. Personnel files may be maintained by the district in hard copy or in an electronic format.

    A staff member annually may request that the superintendent/designee review all information in the staff member's personnel file(s) to determine if there is any irrele­vant or erroneous information in the file(s), and will remove all such information from the file(s). If a staff member does not agree with the determination, the staff member may at their request have placed in the staff member's personnel file a statement containing a rebuttal or correction.

    Cross Reference:        
    Board Policy 4040         Public Access to District Records

    Legal References:   
    RCW 28A.405.250          Certificated employees, applicants for certificated position, not to be discriminated against – Right to inspect personnel file
    RCW 42.56.230(3)         Certain personal and other records exempt (from public inspection)
    RCW 49.12.240‑260      Employee inspection of personnel file

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    Policy & Legal News      Oct. 2015

    ADOPTED: 09/24/1998
    REVISED: 11/24/98; 9/28/06; 12/17/15

    Procedure No. 5260P Personnel Records


    The district will maintain a personnel file for each of its staff members.

    Staff Member's Access to Their Personnel File

    Any staff member has the right to examine and copy materials from and/or have copies made of their personnel file during regular business hours.

    The superintendent or designee must be present when a staff member is given access to their personnel file in order to offer the staff member assistance and interpretation of material contained in the file.

    The district will establish a copy fee.

    Access by Others to a Personnel File

    In addition to the superintendent and designee, a member of the board, when authorized through board action, will have access to staff personnel files.

    Any person authorized by a valid court order will have access to personnel files.

    Principals and/or immediate supervisors may examine the files of staff employed in their building.

    Any individual who has the written permission of a staff member may request to examine the staff member's records.

    Contents of Personnel File

    A personnel file may contain, but is not limited to, transcripts from colleges or universities, a record of previous employment, evaluations, professional assessment instruments, letters of recommendation and copies of district contracts. All material in the personnel file must be related to the staff member's work, position, salary or employment status in the district. A staff member may petition that the personnel office review all information in the personnel file. The personnel office shall determine if there is any irrelevant information and shall remove all such from the file. If the staff member does not concur with that material that remains, the staff member may file a statement of rebuttal or correction to be placed into the file.

    Adding Material

    The superintendent is responsible for placing material in the proper personnel file within 10 days of receipt or origination of said material. All materials placed in a personnel file will be signed and dated. When material is critical of a staff member, the person responsible for placing this material in the staff member's file must forward a copy of the material to the staff member. Any material critical of a staff member which is not shown to them within 10 days after placement in their file will not be allowed as evidence in any grievance or disciplinary action against such staff member.

    Staff Member's Right to Object to Material Added

    Appeal. A staff member may appeal to the superintendent for the removal of any material placed in their personnel file. This must be done by requesting a conference with the party involved for the purpose of examining the questioned material. If the staff member is not satisfied with the decision, they may file a grievance according to district policy.

    Rebuttal. A staff member has the right to submit a written statement of rebuttal relating to any material in their personnel file and have the written rebuttal placed within the file. A former staff member will retain the right of rebuttal or correction for a period not to exceed two (2) years.

    ADOPTED: 11/24/92
    REVISED: 09/24/98

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