5050 Contracts

    1. Certificated Staff Contracts

      The district will write contracts for certificated staff for a period not to exceed one year. Upon recommendation of the superintendent and approval by a majority of the board of directors, the district will offer a certificated staff contract to the recommended and approved applicant. Such contract will state the salary to be paid based upon the applicable salary schedule, the number of days of service, effective date and term of the contract.

      The district will issue a “provisional contract” to first, second, and third year certificated teaching staff and other non-supervisory certificated staff who are “provisional employees,” subject to non-renewal of employment as provided by law.

      Contracts with retire-rehires and persons replacing certificated staff on leave are not subject to the continuing contract law, and will include the following rider: “It is understood and agreed that the staff member is employed pursuant to the provisions of RCW 28A.405.900. In accordance with the provisions of RCW 28A.405.900, this contract expires automatically at the end of the contract terms set forth herein and is not subject to the provisions of RCW 28A.405.210.”

    2. Classified Staff Contracts

      Upon the recommendation of the superintendent, contracts for selected classified staff may be in writing and/or for a specific period of time not to exceed one year. Otherwise, the employment of classified staff will be on a month-to-month basis commencing from the first day of work.

    3. Supplemental Contracts

      The district may issue supplemental contracts, which are not subject to the continuing contract statute, for services to be rendered in addition to a staff member’s normal “full time” assignment. Supplemental contracts will not exceed one year and if not renewed, will not constitute an adverse change in contract status.

    4. Consultants

      The district may obtain staff consultant services when unique knowledge or technical skills are needed.  A description of desired services and an estimate of time and costs shall be submitted to the superintendent or designee for action.  The superintendent or designee will determine compensation, but normally compensation may not exceed that paid to a regular staff member with comparable duties. The superintendent or designee will determine the honorarium paid to a consultant, taking into account cost incurred and benefits derived therefrom.  The district will determine the compensation classification of a consultant on a personal services contract or payroll in compliance with the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.

    5. Paraeducators

      All paraeducators must be 18 years of age, must hold a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent, and must have done one of the following:

      1.  Earned 72 quarter credits or 48 semester credits at an institution of higher learning;

      2.  Obtained at least an Associate’s degree;

      3.  Received a passing grade on the education testing service paraeducator assessment; or

      4.  Completed a registered apprenticeship program.

    Cross References:          
    Board Policy 5280         Separation from Employment

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    Management Resources:
    Policy News, Aug. 2001         Legislature Authorizes “Retire-Rehire”
    Policy News, Aug. 2003         No Child Left Behind Update
    Policy and Legal News          October 2010

    ADOPTED: 06/25/98
    REVISED: 09/24/98; 06/28/2001; 11/20/2001; 11/25/03; 02/24/11; 5/23/19


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