6971 Works of Art

  • The State Board of Education and the state superintendent of public instruction allocates one-half of one percent of any moneys appropriated for state assistance to districts for original construction of any school facility for the acquisition of works of art. The district has the right to waive its use of the appropriation; such money will then be used by the Washington State Arts’ Commission for the purchase of other public art. The selection and commissioning of an artist for, reviewing of design for, execution and placement of, and the acceptance of works of art shall be the responsibility of the Washington State Arts' Commission in consultation with the state superintendent of public instruction and the board. The school board may appoint a representative to be a part of the selection process; reject the results of the selection process; or reject the placement of a completed works of art. Waiver or rejection shall not affect state construction funds available to local school districts.

    Legal Reference:
    RCW 28A.335.210         Purchase of works of art – Procedures

    ADOPTED: 05/13/1993
    REVISED: 04/23/98

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