6925 Architect and Engineering Services

  • When the cost of architectural and engineering services for a given school are estimated to exceed $50,000, the board of directors shall issue a notice in publication(s) of general circulation stating the general scope and nature of project(s) for which services are required. When it is necessary to secure architect or engineering services which are estimated to cost in excess of $10,000 ($15,000 for districts with 15,500 students or more) and less than $50,000, such professional services will be secured from firms who have requested to be placed on the small works roster. Effort shall be made to inform firms who employ minorities and/or women.

    Interested firms will be requested to submit a statement of qualifications and performance data to enable the board to determine which architectural or engineering firm will best serve the needs of the district. Criteria for selection of a firm shall include, but not be limited to, quality and breadth of staff, design of similar projects, production capability, supervision and quality control, relationship with clients, cost estimates and budget control. 

    The superintendent is directed to establish necessary procedures to solicit and screen qualified engineers and architects. The superintendent shall recommend one or more firms to the board for its consideration. The board and the successful architectural or engineering firm shall enter into a contract for the necessary services. In the event of an emergency, the board may waive this selection process and secure such services as needed.

    Cross Reference:                       
    Board Policy 6220         Purchasing: Bids and Contracts

    Legal References:                
    RCW 28A.330.100(3)         Additional powers of Boards (1st class)
    39.80         Contracts for architectural and engineering services
    AGO 57-59 No.68         Architects' contracts

    ADOPTED: 05/13/93
    REVISED: 09/22/94; 04/23/98

    Procedure No. 6925P  Architect and Engineering Services

    Selection of Architects or Engineers

    When architectural and engineering services are required by the district, the following procedures shall be in effect:

    A.  Announcement for professional services will be sent to professional and community publications as well as to publications specifically oriented toward minority and women owned firms. Announcements may be sent to the A and E roster in addition to the advertisements. The advertisement shall specify: 

    1. the general nature and scope of the project(s);
    2. the district representative to contact for further details; and
    3. the deadline for submission of letter of interest. 

    B.  Each interested architect and/or engineer shall be advised to submit a resume which includes as a minimum:

    1. description of professional staff and respective roles for each;
    2. list of projects completed during the past two years and contact person;
    3. status of current contract;
    4. description of typical site supervision;
    5. references--bank, bonding company, three clients; and
    6. exhibits of cost estimates for two most recent projects.

    C.  Applicants shall be screened by selected staff to identify firms to be interviewed.

    D.  Applicants shall be interviewed by a committee composed of the superintendent, supervisor of maintenance and a building principal.

    E.  The superintendent shall enter into negotiations with the firm(s) to establish a professional services fee which is fair and reasonable. If the superintendent is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract, the next highest ranked firm will be contacted.

    F.  The tentative contract will be referred to the board as a recommendation. 

    ADOPTED: 05/13/93
    REVISED: 04/23/98

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