6920 Construction Design

  • Facilities will be designed to accommodate the educational and instructional needs of the district. The professional experience and judgment of staff will be used in developing such educational specifications. The law requires that special attention be given the accessibility to the education program by students of both sexes and those with disabilities. The superintendent will see that all construction projects comply with the requirements for accessibility to individuals with disabilities and comparability between the sexes.

    After determining that a need for new or improved facilities exists, the board, with the guidance of its professional staff, will engage in the following processes:

    1. Select an architect;
    2. Review a site evaluation including an assessment of existing facilities, if any, on the site;
    3. Develop educational specifications recognizing instructional needs and available financial resources;
    4. Review and approve schematic design prepared by architect, assuring that the new or remodeled facility or part of a facility is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities;
    5. Review a value engineering study and constructability review, and approve construction design including construction estimates;
    6. Call for bids;
    7. Review and approve final construction contract; and
    8. Engage construction management services.

    The board will comply with the terms and conditions as specified in the contract between the architect and the school district.

    Legal References:
    RCW 39.35         Energy conservation in design of public facilities
    42 U.S.C. §12101 et. seq.         Americans with Disabilities Act
    WAC 392-343-080         Value engineering studies, constructability reviews, and building commissioning – Requirements and definitions
    392-343-102         Construction management
    392-344-065         Value engineering contracts
    392-344-066         Constructability review contracts
    392-344-075         Contracts – Filing

    ADOPTED: 05/13/1993
    REVISED: 4/23/98; 04/27/00; 03/23/06; 07/26/07; 02/23/12

    Procedure No. 6920P Construction Design

    Educational Specifications
    Educational specifications are written after consultation with appropriate staff, consultants and citizens. The content of a set of educational specifications would include all or part of the following items:

    1. A statement of the educational philosophy as it pertains to the specific construction project.
    2. Community and school characteristics
      1.  The plan of organization and expected enrollments of the school
          a.  grade levels
          b.  maximum expected enrollments with trends and projections, if necessary
      2.  The construction plan for the facility is it to be a new facility, an addition, or a phased program leading to a complete facility?
      3.  Special services to be provided
          a.  guidance programs
          b.  social worker's programs
          c.  provisions for exceptional children
          d.  others
      4.  The special provisions needed for community use
          a.  cooperative park/school arrangement
          b.  parent-teacher associations
          c.  community athletic programs
          d.  other
      5.  The extent that adults shall use this facility
      6.  The extent to which students shall be transported and the facilities that must be included to handle this service adequately
      7.  The cafeteria services to be provided and the maximum number likely to be served
      8.  The policy regarding multiple use of spaces
      9.  Other pertinent data relating to the project
    3.  Site characteristics
      1.  Site considerations necessary for this project
          a.  Site size and location defined
          b.  Recommended building orientation; service drives; parking requirements for staff, students, and public; sidewalk and other approaches; outside lighting.
    4. Requirements of the physical plant
      1.  Instructional functions and spaces required. A statement of instructional purposes is to precede the description of each area.
          a.  Number of spaces required by function
          b.  The relationships of these spaces
      2.  The noninstructional spaces required. Each space to be described by function and spaces required
      3.  Relationships of spaces required.
          a.  Inter-relationship between instructional areas
          b.  Relationship between instructional and noninstructional spaces
          c.  Relationship of spaces to site
      4.  Environmental factors should be described in terms of educational relationships or concerns
    5. Additional information or comments as necessary to further interpret the educational program.

    ADOPTED: 05/13/1993
    REVISED: 04/23/98
    RENUMBERED: 02/23/12

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