6540 Staff Personal Property Protection

  • The district or its insurer shall reimburse an employee for any certified loss of or damage to personal property used in the course of their duties when such a loss or damage is willfully and maliciously inflicted by students or persons known or unknown on school premises or while the educator is on duty, subject to the following conditions:

    1. The district shall reimburse first-dollar losses up to $100.

    2. There shall be no reimbursement for loss of cash.

    3. Automobiles parked in school parking facility damaged by willful or malicious acts will be protected under this policy.

    4. The use of personal equipment necessary for instructional purposes if approved in advance by the principal or supervisor after a written statement explaining the need and value of the equipment is submitted.

    5. There must be proof submitted that the employee either has no insurance or that their insurance does not cover the damage or loss in question. An educator must exhaust their own insurance recovery possibilities before being eligible for reimbursement under this policy.

    6. There must be filed with the superintendent’s office within five (5) days after the damage or loss a letter describing the loss and a claim for reimbursement. This letter shall include a full statement describing the assault or damages, and noting date, hour and witnesses.

    7. In the event of reimbursement under this policy, the district shall be subrogated to the extent that the employee collects from the person causing the loss or damage up to the insured level.

    ADOPTED: 03/24/93
    REVISED: 02/23/95; 04/23/98

    Procedure No. 6540P Staff Personal Property Protection

    The district shall not make reimbursement for loss or damage to a staff member's personal equipment or material brought to school unless evidence can be shown that it was necessary or highly desirable for use in the school program. Evidence of loss or damage must show that the loss was not due to any negligence or fault of the staff member. The following guidelines shall apply: 

    1. Leaving items of obvious value at the school over a weekend or vacation period should be avoided.

    2. The district shall not reimburse for loss of money or personal effects.

    3. The use of personal equipment for instructional purposes must have the prior approval of the principal or supervisor.

    4. The staff member must verify that no personal insurance coverage is applicable to the loss or damage.

    5. Claims for loss must be filed within 5 days after the damage or loss. Claimants must attest to a notary public as to the nature of the loss and the value of the item.

    6. Proper documentation shall accompany the requisition for reimbursement.

    ADOPTED:  03/24/1993
    REVISED: 04/23/98

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