6513 Workplace Violence Prevention

  • The district does not tolerate violence in the workplace and will work to prevent violent incidents from occurring by implementing a workplace violence prevention program.  All employees of the district are responsible for implementing and maintaining the violence prevention program.  The workplace violence prevention program establishes and requires adherence to work practices that are designed to make the workplace more secure.  It also reinforces the ban on verbal threats or physical actions by employees that create a security hazard for others.

    Additionally, the district does not tolerate domestic violence including harassment of any employee or other person while in the district’s buildings or vehicles, while on district property, or while engaged in school or work-related activities.  The district is committed to working with employees who are victims of domestic violence to prevent abuse and harassment from occurring in the workplace. No employees will be penalized or disciplined solely for being a victim of domestic violence.  The district will provide appropriate support and assistance to employees who are victims of domestic violence.  Any employee who threatens, harasses, or abuses someone in the district or from their workplace using district resources such as work time, district telephones, fax machines, mail, or e-mail shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge.  Corrective action or discharge may also be taken against employees who are arrested, convicted, or permanently enjoined as a result of domestic violence when such action is directly related to their position with the district.

    All violent incidents shall be reported and investigated, whether or not a physical injury has occurred.  There will be no discrimination against victims of workplace violence.  Copies of this policy and support materials are readily available to all employees.  The superintendent or designee is directed to adopt procedures to implement this policy, including creation of the workplace violence prevention group which will: assess the district’s vulnerability to workplace violence, recommend preventive actions and employee training programs, and review the program annually for possible adjustments.

    Cross References:    
    Board Policy 4210         Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises
    5281                                    Disciplinary Action and Discharge
    6511                                    Staff Safety

    ADOPTED: 06/25/1998
    REVISED: 04/27/00

    Procedure No. 6513P Workplace Violence Prevention

    The workplace violence prevention group will consist of employees from the primary, elementary, and secondary grades, as well as from the classified work groups.  If appropriate, workplace violence prevention groups shall be established at each school and major work site.  The workplace violence prevention group is responsible for making recommendations in the following areas: 

    • assessing district/building practices for potential hazards or improved security practices

    • efforts to inform all employees about the workplace violence prevention program

    • assuring that all employees comply with security measures

    • recognizing employees who perform work practices that promote security in the workplace

    • training and counseling programs to enhance awareness of workplace violence issues

    • including workplace violence prevention in new employee orientation

    • annual review and update of the workplace violence prevention program

    • a system for notifying the district about workplace security hazards or threats of violence

    • processes for protecting employees who report threats from possible retaliation

    When possible, the district will provide the following assistance to employee victims of domestic violence: resources and referral information; work schedule adjustments or leave as needed to obtain medical, law enforcement, legal, or judicial assistance; and workplace relocation.  To the extent possible the district will maintain the confidentiality of employee victims of domestic violence, while taking necessary steps to protect the workplace and other employees from possible violence.

    ADOPTED: 06/25/1998
    REVISED: 09/24/98

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