6511 Staff Safety

  • The board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operation of the district. Rules for safety and prevention of accidents shall be posted in compliance with OSHA and WISHA requirements. All hazardous chemicals will be identified and properly labeled. Staff members will be trained in the use of these chemicals specific to their respective jobs. Proper records will be maintained to verify that all of the preventive and safety measures are in place. Injuries and accidents shall be reported to the district office.

    The district shall have at least one staff member at each school and work site in the district who holds a valid certificate of first aid training from the department of labor and industries, U.S. Bureau of Mines or the American Red Cross or equivalent training provided by the district nurses. Each school and work site shall have first aid supplies readily accessible and if the work site has more than fifty employees, a first-aid station shall be established.

    The superintendent shall develop necessary safety and health standards to comply with Department of Labor requirements.

    Cross Reference:          
    Board Policy 6510         Safety
                               6512         Infection Control Program

    Legal References:  
    WAC 296-24-020         Management's responsibility
    296-24-040                    Accident prevention program
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    296-24-06145               What is the requirement for first-aid supplies?
    296-24-06150               What is the requirement to provide a first-aid station?
    296-24-073                    Safe place standards
    296-62-054                    Hazard communication standard

    ADOPTED: 04/23/1998
    REVISED: 06/24/99

    Procedure No. 6511P Staff Safety

    The supervisor of each school and/or work site in the district is responsible for:  

    A.  General Safety 

    1. Maintaining a log and summary of all recordable occupational injuries and illnesses occurring at the work site. (A recordable occupational injury or illness is any injury or illness which results in an occupational fatality, lost work days, need for transfer to a new job, or medical treatment beyond first aid.)
    2. Providing training programs to improve the skill and competency in the safe use of powered materials handling equipment, use of machine tool operations, use of toxic material, and operation of utility systems prior to assignment to jobs involving such exposures. 
    3. Implementing an accident prevention program which describes how to report unsafe conditions, how to use protective equipment, how to respond to emergencies and how to report injuries.
    4. Forming a safety and health committee composed of representative of management and employees, which shall review safety and health inspections to assist in correction of identified unsafe conditions or practices and to evaluate accident investigations and recommend improvements where needed. (Minutes of the committee shall be recorded and shall be retained for one year.) 
    5. Maintaining a safety bulletin board sufficient in size to post and display safety bulletins, newsletters, posters, accident statistics and other safety educational material. 
    6. Assuring that a person who holds a valid certificate of first aid training is present or available at all times. 
    7. Maintaining a well marked first aid kit, or first aid station if the work site has more than fifty employees.
    8. Furnishing a work place free of safety hazards and containing such safety devices and safeguards as are consistent with Labor and Industries requirements. 

    B.  Worker Right to Know (chemical hazards) 

    1. Preparing and maintaining an up-to-date list of hazardous chemicals present at each site. 
    2. Labeling of hazardous chemicals at each site.
    3. Photocopying or purchasing any required hazard warnings.
    4. Replacing missing, unreadable, or incorrect labels.
    5. Requiring Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all incoming chemicals.
    6. Maintaining current MSDS files and distributing to supervisors.
    7. Maintaining easily accessible MSDS files, and making MSDS's available to staff members.
    8. Training staff members at time of initial assignment or whenever a new hazard is introduced.
    9. Preparing a training manual which immediate supervisors can use to create training sessions specific to their site.
    10. Maintaining records which show that employees have received training and information.


    ADOPTED: 04/23/1998
    REVISED: 06/24/99

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