6250 Cellular Telephones

  • The board authorizes the issuance of cellular telephones to staff designated by the superintendent for business telephone calls at those times when designated staff do not have regular telephone service readily available.  At the time a designated employee accepts a district cellular telephone, they shall provide written assurance of financial responsibility for any personal or non-business calls made on the cellular telephone.  Within ten days of the district receiving the cellular telephone bill, each designated employee will review their statement of calls and reimburse the district for any personal or non-business calls.  Any staff member who has been issued a cellular telephone shall not use the telephone if any personal or non-business call charges are outstanding.

    ADOPTED: 09/24/1998

    Procedure No. 6250P Cellular Telephones

    Wireless Communications

    Cellular telephones (cell phones), radios, pagers and/or other wireless communication devices must be approved by the building principal and/or appropriate administrator.  Service and equipment shall be obtained through the Purchasing Department using the currently contracted/approved vendors.  The user shall meet with the Purchasing Department to select the most appropriate and cost effective communication plans.

    When wireless communications services are no longer needed, the building principal and/or appropriate administrator shall send all equipment to the Purchasing Department, and shall notify them of the need to discontinue service.

    Criteria for Cell Phone Use 

    1. Cell phones are not to be used when less costly alternatives are readily available.
    2. Cell phones are to be protected from airtime and equipment theft by taking precautions to restrict access to the phones.
    3. District-owned cell phones are to be used to conduct district business, including incoming and outgoing calls. If an employee’s job requirements unexpectedly necessitate them to stay late or an emergency situation occurs, telephone calls to home to provide notice shall be allowed at district expense.
    4. The district recognizes that occasions may arise in which personal calls need to be made. However cell phones shall not be used primarily for personal calls.  Personal calls are defined as any call that is made or received for which there is no district business purpose.  Both incoming and outgoing calls are billed for airtime; therefore, all personal calls, both incoming and outgoing, must be paid for by the employee.  The district must be promptly reimbursed each month within 10 days of the billing for all personal calls.  Failure to do so may result in the employee’s loss of cell phone use or garnishee of salary.  Checks are to be made payable to Yelm Community Schools.
    5. The Purchasing Department shall maintain a complete listing of all district cell phones and who is assigned to their use.
    6. The building principal and/or appropriate administrator shall provide notification to the Purchasing Department when a cell phone is transferred to another individual or location.
    7. The building principal and/or appropriate administrator shall provide notification to the Purchasing Department when a phone is no longer needed or discontinued.
    8. District-owned cell phones, which are no longer needed, shall be surplused in accordance with district procedures.

    Employee-Owned Cellular Telephones

    1. The district shall reimburse employees for a documented and approved district business use of personal cell phone calls. Reimbursements are paid directly to the employee by the district.
    2. The employee shall submit an employee reimbursement form with a copy of the cell phone invoice with all Yelm Community Schools’ calls highlighted. The form shall include the appropriate budget code information, and shall be signed by the employee and the building principal and/or appropriate administrator.

    ADOPTED: 04/24/2003

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