6121 Personal Checks - Acceptance and Processing

  • The district recognizes that, for convenience of students and their families, student fees and other charges, including meal tickets, often are paid by personal check.  The district does not wish to unduly restrict the use of personal checks for the payment of such fees; however, the district is prohibited by law from extending credit to its patrons and the district should not incur costs due to acceptance of personal checks.

    Therefore, any personal checks which are received by the district and are returned from the bank as non-negotiable shall be the basis for aggressive collection action as follows: 

    1. A statement shall promptly be rendered to the issuing party demanding immediate payment for:

      A.  The amount of the check.

      B.  Any bank fees incurred by the district due to the return of the check.

    2. When the returned check appears to have been fraudulently issued, any delay in receipt of payment may result in referral to an appropriate agency for action.

    District administration is hereby authorized to develop procedures to implement this policy, which may include the refusal to accept personal checks from persons who have not fully paid the amount specified in the previous paragraph and revocation of the privilege or item for which the check was issued.

    ADOPTED: 07/18/2002

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