6112 Rental or Lease of District Property

  • When district real property is not needed, the board has the authority to call for bids to rent or lease any surplus real property. Notice of the intent to rent or lease property shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the district at least 45 days before the rental or lease takes effect, if the value of the rental or lease is $10,000.00 or more. The district may establish a minimum acceptable bid based upon the fair market value, provided that such minimum bid is non-discriminatory within classes of users.

    Such property shall be rented or leased for lawful purposes. The rental or lease shall be in the best interests of the district and shall not interfere with the conduct of the district's educational program and related activities. Proceeds from rental or lease of district property which are in excess of the operational costs incurred for such rental or lease shall be deposited in the capital projects fund or debt service fund. 

    At the option of the board of directors, after evaluating the sufficiency of the school district’s capital projects fund for purposes of meeting demands for new construction and improvements, moneys derived from the lease or rental of real property may be deposited into the district’s general fund to be used exclusively for nonrecurring costs related to operating school facilities, including, but not limited to, expenses for maintenance.

    Legal References:     
    RCW 28A.335.040         Surplus school property, rental, lease or use of – Authorized
               28A.335.050         Surplus school property, rental, lease or use of – Joint use
               28A.335.060         Surplus school property, rental lease or use of – Disposition of moneys received for
               28A.335.070         Surplus school property, rental, lease or use of –Existing contracts not impaired
               28A.335.080         Surplus school property, rental, lease or use of – Community use not impaired
               28A.335.090         Conveyance and acquisition of property – Management
               28A.335.130         Real property – Sale – Use of proceeds

    ADOPTED: 02/25/1993
    REVISED: 04/23/98; 02/23/06

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