1630 Evaluation of the Superintendent

  • The board will establish evaluative criteria and will be responsible for evaluating the performance of the superintendent.

    The superintendent will have the opportunity for confidential conferences with the board members on no less than three occasions in each school year, for the purpose of aiding the superintendent in their performance.  One month prior to the final evaluation, using the existing evaluation form, the superintendent will provide the board members with a self-evaluation of the past school year.  The board, on the basis of the evaluation, may renew or extend the superintendent's contract for periods not to exceed three years.

    Legal References:
    RCW 28A.400.010         Employment of Superintendent –superintendent’s qualifications, general powers, term, contract renewal

    ADOPTED: 01/28/1993
    REVISED: 09/24/98; 06/28/01; 02/27/14

    Procedure No. 1630P Evaluation of the Superintendent 
    Evaluation of the Superintendent

    The superintendent will be evaluated on the basis of specific board/superintendent‑developed performance objectives, and the job description for the position of superintendent, including evaluative criteria applicable to all administrators.

    The job description and specific performance objectives shall serve as the focus for all conferences held during the school year. By July 1, the board and superintendent shall have held an executive session for the purpose of discussing specific goals for the forthcoming school year. By August l, the superintendent will have submitted to the board a brief report describing the specific goals for the next school year. Upon concurrence with the board, the superintendent will formally present these goals along with a rationale to the board at its regular August board meeting.

    The superintendent will make periodic reports to the board during the year. The board will feel free to respond to the progress reports and redirect the superintendent when it appears that their mission is off target.

    By May 1, the board will have completed a formal evaluation session with the superintendent. The board‑approved evaluation instrument will provide the basis for the evaluation session. The superintendent will provide written reports describing the degree to which the district goals have been achieved.

    Written comments by the evaluator are encouraged to clarify when an evaluator feels that the superintendent's performance is "outstanding" or "needs to improve."

    Each board member will complete the instrument prior to the board's executive session. In their discussion the board will arrive at a composite board evaluation of the superintendent. A written composite, signed by the members of the board, will be presented to the superintendent in the executive session. This written evaluation will be supplemented by a discussion. 

    ADOPTED:  09/24/98