1435 Public Hearings

  • Interested or affected persons shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard informally before the district superintendent or their delegated administrative official.  If necessary, a hearing before the board may be granted. 

    The following procedures shall be followed by the board whenever large delegations come before it requesting a hearing regarding a critical issue being decided by the board:

    1. Position of the board stated: After the meeting has been officially opened, the president of the board shall briefly state the position of the Board and give reasons therefore.  If official action on the issue has not yet been taken, the president may so state and may summarize briefly the arguments for and against the issue to be decided.  Other members of the board may also be heard at this time.

    2. Speakers for and against issue: The secretary to the board shall secure the names of those persons wishing to be heard before the board.  Those desiring to speak shall indicate whether they are for or against the issue involved.  Persons not responding to the secretary’s request shall not be heard.

    The president may set a reasonable time limit for each speaker.

    1. Board to answer questions: After the speakers for and against the issue have been heard, the president shall indicate that questions pertaining directly to the issue involved may be directed to the board.

    2. Action by the board: Upon ruling by the president closing the public discussion, the board may proceed with its deliberations and take whatever action it deems advisable.

    The board may at any hearing by a majority vote take the issue submission and continue the hearing at another time. 

    ADOPTED:  5/17/1990
    REVISED:  08/28/97